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What is Henna Brows?

What is a Henna Eyebrow Tint? An Australian beauty trend that has staying power, henna eyebrow tints are a semi-permanent form of eyebrow tinting using natural henna dye to stain the skin as well as the brow hairs which gives the illusion of depth and fullness in the brow area. The process is very similar to traditional henna colouring methods that you may have seen in Indian culture, but the brow henna shades are formulated specifically for eyebrow tones. Everyone is talking about the lasting results you can achieve with natural ingredients, which is far less terrifying than microblading.

What is henna?

Brow henna is a natural plant pigment which has been used for body art since Ancient Egyptian times. Normally, you will buy it in powder form, and apply to the desired area after you have mixed it into a paste. Henna is a completely natural product which is rising in popularity in Australia as more people look for a natural alternative.

How long does henna last on eyebrows?

Henna brows can last anywhere from four days to three weeks. The length of time henna tinting lasts differs from person to person, and is dependent on how your skin reacts to the ink. Best results are on dryer complexions, henna stains the skin as well as dying the eyebrow hairs.

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